“Don't mistake activity with achievement.” ― John Wooden

The hallmark of JCG’s service is quality. Steeped in experience and a constant desire to improve, JCG offers numerous options for solutions and services to fit your security regardless of how unique. As a member of IAPSC, JCG is surrounded by leading experts in security consulting who provide outstanding input from experience and education. Technology changes rapidly, and that is the reason JCG builds upon relationships with clients to provide you with the best service. JCG will equip you with the most efficient risk management devices and systems to secure what is most important.

Risk Assessment

JCG uses risk assessments to show potential liability through exposing vulnerabilities and risk transfer. You will be equipped with the tools necessary to protect your clients, staff, business and/or facilities from data breaches to an active assailant. JCG is an independent security consulting firm that has no allegiance to any company but does stay up to date with the latest and greatest products and services to educate you to make the best decisions tailored to your security needs. Risk assessments are the foundation of providing the best security for your business and/or facility. JCG will be there through design, installation, function and maintenance to ensure that you have a full understanding of all the details of your security.

policy & procedure

Having security policies and procedures is instrumental in creating a secure organization. Policies and procedures provide a step by step and consistent response to threats and vulnerabilities as well as serving as a strong foundation to adapt to possible unique situations. Also, policies and procedures can mitigate liability for a business by showing how an incident is responded to and why the manner of response is the most efficient way, while mitigating risk personnel and property.


Today’s threats to security do not follow the same template. The various forms of attack that can be carried out on your business and/or facility call for adaptable immediate responses. These responses have to be as close to automatic as possible. Training will bring a greater security awareness and make it closer to becoming muscle memory. Focused and manageable training will also give a low risk perception and risk profile both internally and externally.

Expert Security Witness

JCG will conduct a thorough investigation in the security area of expertise. By using a measurable fact based approach, defensible clear reports are produced. Through understanding the litigation process and the security consultant’s role, determinations are easy to arrive at.