Several factors could have been implemented that would have more than likely prevented this attack. Starting with the lighting in the hall. While there is no study that proves lighting reduces crime, the surveillance cameras would have been more effective with greater visibility increasing the chances of the attacker being detected. More security officers on the floor or stationed strategiacally would also increase the likelihood of Edwards being detected sooner and their presence nearby would have been a deterrent. Essentially this hallway was a large blind spot due to limited visibility and observation capability.  

 A recent risk assessment conducted on a school showed that their cameras were inoperable and all of the exiting hardware on classroom doors and gateways were handles and latches. There also were no indicators if these doors were open. Either by a fleeting student from the inside or an unwanted visitor from the outside. My recommendations were to fix the cameras immediately, because this could add to the liability of an incident by creating a “false sense of security.” Also recommended was audibly alarmed panic bars be put on the gate doors, because in the event that the campus had to be evacuated the larger strike surface area of the panic bar to open the door would mitigate the chance of a bottle neck or trampling of people. The handles or latches would impede an emergency egress because they would require a person to stop release the lock by operating the handle or latch.


Liability is present at most likely every facility. It can range from a slip and fall case to an active shooter incident. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) could fine a business, property management and property owners after an event occurs if they find safety and security violations. Examples of finable violations are obstructed paths to exits and emergency exits, gaps in camera coverage, the wrong type of hardware on doors and even improper lighting. Large in part most security devices and systems are not put in because it can be overwhelming when you think about the right system, the right devices, installation and implementation between all of the components just to name a few. Start small, ask an expert, talk to your insurance company. Insurance companies will reduce the price of policies and deductibles if a risk assessment is conducted.