Take for instance securing a luxury high-rise residential building. Residents’ safety and security is paramount, but at the same time it is beneficial for the safety and security measures to be effective, but also not intrusive by overbearing appearance or functionality. One effective solution is an anti-tailgating detector integrated with cameras. This would notify guards of a possible unauthorized person accessing the building and allows the guards to view the situation and verify if the indication warrants a response. This early detection method can prevent crime and deter potential criminals.

A standard operating procedure (SOP) is crucial for a businesses’ safety and security. Visitor management should be included as a section in a safety and security SOP. ID badges provide efficient indicators as to who belongs where and can provide access to authorized personnel and prevent access to unauthorized personnel. Procedures for challenging possible violators preventing incidents that can compromise safety and security. By having the buy in of all sections a uniformed process that would allow employees to carry out procedures with confidence with the knowledge that their actions are backed by management.

The formula for change in rocket momentum = M (u + du) – M u = M du. The exhaust mass dm is equal to the mass flow rate (mdot) times the increment of time dt. That formula is M du = [(p – p0) A + mdot v ] dt. When you have $1.85 and the chips you want are a $1 and the drink you want is $1.25, you quickly calculate you need to find $0.40 in order to satisfy that craving. Much like the vending machine equation would be the preference of a vast majority of people in the world, so is a person, house and/or business who is soft target to a potential criminal. Effective security would prevent and stop both a criminal of opportunity and a calculated active shooter, while not interfering with clientele and employees experience or work. Solutions and plans should work efficiently with one another. As shown in the beginning of this article, not having the correct measures in place will record an employee frantically pressing a panic button and the culprits escaping with tens of thousands in cash and merchandise.