A system’s integrity boils down to reliability. The integrity of a security company, whether it be an integrator or consultant is putting efficient devices, systems and solutions in place. These components overlap greatly. Comparing the opening story and the solutions used by the London police, to a 400 sqft beauty spa can demonstrate this point. The spa would not need nearly as much camera coverage, nor would it need a dispatch to work around the clock in order to give a play by play for responding law enforcement. The same clarity and real time capabilities would be nice to haves, but would be over kill. A security company should not try to upsell a client on these solutions and should educate the customer on what is needed in order to accomplish the goals set out.

Implementation does not only refer to a solution’s security application(s). Implementation should also take into consideration how a client’s business needs can be served. For example, a retail business and camera coverage. The camera coverage can observe and detect for loss prevention as well as to provide data in regards to high traffic areas where high or low selling items can be placed in order to move products faster.

Impact is the measure of security solutions’ overall effectiveness. The impact evaluates quality and quantity. The key to having a high quality large impact is having systems that can easily incorporate various solutions. An example is a security software management system that constantly updates the software to security solutions allowing devices to be merged without difficulty and quickly. By taking these three components into consideration an effective adaptable system can be put in place to meet security needs.