JCG is a security consulting company consisting of safety and security specialists, subject matter experts and integrators with 50 plus years of experience. By considering clients’ time, environment and budget specific solutions will be given to mitigate risk to your clients, business and employees. The aim is to educate the client on security resources so that the client can make the final decision intelligently.


Risk assessments can lower insurance rates and bring a company into compliance with The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) by exposing, identifying and resolving recognized hazards.


JCG will help to create and/or review your current security policies, plans and procedures. These can be integrated with products and services to maximize your security efficiency. Developing and improving policy and procedures, it allows staff, visitors and responders to be on the same page and streamlined.

What Clients Say

Kaye Kearns

"I want to say thank you for your help regarding my recent security situation. You never think it’s going to happen to you, until it happens to you. We have implemented all your suggestions to secure my salon. I am by myself with clients 90% of the day. Your suggestions of camera placement, movement of furniture, safety classes to take and how to secure an area around my back windows. We have implemented or in the process of implementing all your suggestions. Camera have been installed. Thank you for not making me feel silly when I called for help and for being a calming voice of reason.”

What Clients Say

vilma vasquez

"You were so helpful and detailed in walking through my salon studio and educating me on things I should look out for and changes I can make to secure myself and my clients! I also really enjoyed the “Protect Your Clients and Secure Your Spa” workshop that I attended last month and found it valuable. I hope to continue working with Jennings Consulting Group!”


Today a company and/or facility faces numerous situations and events that require an immediate deliberate response. This response should be automatic to be effective. Security training in areas such as active assailant and workplace violence maximizes response, mitigation and prevention.


The following services are provided for most legal cases:

  • Obtaining and analyzing data
  • Document review (e.g. testimony, pleadings, manuals, contracts, etc.)
  • Research (e.g. industry standards and practices)
  • Report preparation, deposition, and trial