Why would a financial employee give any more thought to this scenario? There were cameras, alarms (presumably) and bulletproof glass put into place and more than likely she or any of her coworkers had never been a victim to a bank, or any other type of robbery. Hopefully, this trend would continue for her and others in this field, but as shown in this article, relying heavily on security resources has the potential to create a false sense of security.


A security camera company will sell you cameras and an alarm monitoring company will sell you alarm options. Chances are neither will run a police report and dissect the crimes that are present, which could potentially threaten your home or business, or if door and a door’s hardware configuration accommodates an emergency egress up to OSHA standards, or if they would recommend shatter proof film be applied to the glass in the front of the building to prevent penetration and avoid the cost of a bulletproof window. Camera and alarm companies do a very good job applying their specific skills to secure an area, but this is undoubtedly only a piece of the coverage for security concerns and needs.

Security, like many things in life does not have a cure all solution. It must be installed correctly, maintained and refined regularly. A $10,000 lock on a flimsy door is only as good as the door and bulletproof area with many cameras that is alarmed is only as secure as the attention of those who access it. Even though violent crimes and robberies will be experienced by a small percentage of the world’s population, those who have been and will be affected by them did not think those offenses would happen to them. Good is great’s worst enemy and criminals make careers on complacency. The lull of never experiencing a serious criminal or unwanted incident is most likely the biggest gap in your business and personal security.