About Our Leadership

I am Jerry Jennings, President of JCG. With over 20 years of experience in security to include Federal Agent, Department of State, Executive Protection, US Marine Corps, Personnel Security, Physical Security, Special Programs, Operations Security and Information Security, I am able to provide the best solutions for homes, businesses, employees and clientele. With over two decades in experience as security specialist from background investigations to combat, I guarantee the services you receive are backed by real-life experience, education and training.

Why Choose JCG? Our interest is you, the client! Our services, advice and recommendations are tailored to your specific needs, space and budget. We have no monetary affiliation, or promise to anyone based on service, product, or plan we recommend. You maintain legal and regulatory compliance. You save time and money. You develop and maintain a reputation for safety and security.

Identify & Eliminate Risks

You have the advantage now of developing a proactive approach to security. Planning ahead and implementing effective plans helps you minimize and eliminate your exposure.

Save Time & Money

Implementing security plans and receiving training can help save you the time and money required for closure, cleanup, construction, medical, mental health and claims arising from insurance and negligence.

Plan For the Future

Adopting proactive security measures will give you, your employees and your clientele piece of mind. This is great when retaining good employees, maintaining loyal customers and welcoming guests.


Our compliance with the industry’s highest professional and ethical standards means we never force-fit or recommend anything that’s doesn’t absolutely benefit you. We’re not affiliated with any manufacturer, dealer, guard company, alarm or monitoring service. Your success determines ours.

Risk Management & Assessments

Our risk assessments reveal your actual and potential vulnerabilities, while highlighting your best practices. Our plans help you eliminate threats to your business, home, or government agencies.

Active Shooter & Workplace Violence Training

Do you know what to do in an active shooter or workplace violence situation? Everyone has options that will save lives. JCG provides you with the knowledge, resources and skills to prevent, protect, and survive.